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Film Processing Supplies

T2 Developer

T2 Developer is a premium high activity developer formulated for all general and specialized radiographic films. T2 Developer is a clean working developer with excellent resistance to aerial oxidation, and is unequalled for sensitometric stability.

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T2 Fixer contains a proprietary surfactant which acts as a chemical blanket to greatly decrease fumes by reducing vapor pressure without compromising drying capacity or sulfite level. T2 Fixer is a clean working formula compatible with in-line electrolytic silver recovery units.

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ABX Pre-Mixed Developer & Fixer

Specifically designed for all types and brands of dental x-ray film, as well as all brands of automatic film processors.


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RADIOMAT G-Plus X-ray Film
General X-ray film designed for use with green emitting intensifying screens, with high contrast in low densities to provide sharp and detailed images.

RADIOMAT Full and Half Blue X-Ray Films
Distinctive products for a choice of spectral sensitivity and speed. Maximum image quality and consistency for general purpose radiology.

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